Inspiration Needs Prayers...

Before I can write anything about our latest adventure to New Mexico over the weekend, I have a quick prayer request from a friend...

I came home to an email from a dear friend Natalie who writes:

I write this email with a heavy heart.... my best friend Melissa was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes late yesterday afternoon. Many of you know her, and some on this list do not. She is a 33 year old mom of two young boys D__,age 1 and D__ almost 3. She is beautiful on the inside and out... I am asking all of you to please send this to as many people you know who will be willing to pray for her and her family. The only known fact is that she has a mass tumor in her lymph nodes in her chest and that her liver is enlarged. She underwent two surgeries today to find if the cancer has spread to her bones. My specific prayer request is that we pray that the tumor is encapsulated and has not spread, and that her liver is not affected by this cancer. Please also pray that God gives Melissa the strength and courage to fight this long battle.
Again, please forward this email.... we need MANY MANY prayer warriors.....

I'm asking that you all please include Melissa and her family in your prayers. Thank you.


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acsgreatwest said...

My name is Kim and I am working with the American Cancer Society on a new project that will give newly diagnosed cancer patients access to ACS’s “Patient Navigators” online, through a chat window. It’s a free service and we’d like to expand the program if there is a good response. Considering your readership, I was hoping you would consider making a post to let readers know it exists? The landing page is at: http://acs-gwd.zodeca.com/chatform2.aspx if you want to check it out. My email address is acsgreatwest@gmail.com if you would like to email me directly.
Thanks so much,