All Night Long!

I've almost reached a point of recovery from last Friday night's Relay For Life of Hudson. Almost. As you can see from my photo set out on Flickr, we had gorgeous weather with the exception of a very brief bout of high wind that threatened to blow in a severe thunderstorm just as the event was about to kick off. It blew some tents around and detached a few banners we had painstakingly hung up that morning in preparation for the event, a few spatters of rain fell, but aside from that, all was bright and sunny and gorgeous.

The Brain Trust donned our Pit Crew suits, decorated with patches which showed our sponsors from area business people and the names of loved ones who we were walking in memory and in honor of. (This is far less easy to see - the photos did not turn out great due to the very high sunshine and user error on my part - my apologies...)

It is always very difficult to try and name people in a post without the fear of forgetting someone (as I know I have in the past) and so I apologize in advance if I leave anyone's name off the following list of thanks. But for Keith's and my part, we would like to thank the following people who helped make this Relay spectacular by their participation and/or contribution in some way...

The members of Keith's Brain Trust. Every member is important, of course. Like any pit crew, one missing member and there could be a disaster. But as always we had the all important crew chief (two!) in Anonybro and Bonnie Wonka. Couldn't have done it without you!!!

Mom and Dad, thanks for making the hot dog stand happen. As you know, there was some serious fund raising that could not have occurred had it not been for that event. The raffle came together because of this, and our final hugely generous sponsor came on board that weekend after finding us there.

And all of the rest of the team are what make us a team! From workers at the stand to walkers on the track and brain power and assistants in other endeavors, you are all what make it happen. Thank you!

Inspirations and Dollar donors:

  • All of the above, because you know ya'll pitched in your own money (especially the crew chief and we have some money for you!)
  • Aunt Roz and Uncle Marty
  • Uncle Chuck and Aunt Helen
  • Uncle Howard
  • ~d
  • Billy & Stace
  • Cheryl Ecker Moore
  • Jon Olson - C21 (and thanks for coming out to the track, Jon!)
  • Mr. Schlief (we missed seeing you this year!)
  • Mark
  • Carol M
  • Jenorama
  • KathyC
  • KathyK
  • CursingMama and her MotorcycleMan
  • Jeff the Barista
  • Natalie the Barista
  • Mommy Dodo
  • Peter S
  • Mystical Marge!!! (and for your photography skilz - because you have them whereas I do not!)
  • Lisa
  • Carolyn and John
  • Donna
  • Kris
  • Keith's mommy, Alta
  • Keith's grandma, Dorothy
  • Z
  • Zaney Janey M
  • Kimby
  • KatieK
  • Michele and Wes
  • Whathisface
  • Whatshername
There are bunches of people who have supported us for years and years in the past, as well. If I try to list them all I will definitely forget some and be terribly embarrassed. Know that we are grateful to each and every one of you. The cheers from the sidelines are so important to us, as well. I'm not going to try and link up to bloggers here. If you want me to, text or email me and I will. (I'm back in here today because I'm already trying to add people to the list. See? I knew I'd feel bad about putting a list in here because there would be people left off and I'd feel bad about people from previous years not included. I should not have tried to do this. I have lived with guilt for something my whole life and I don't do well with it.)

I'm tired. :)

There is more to tell. But not much. You can learn most of it in the captions of my photos...


kimby said...

The pics are lovely,,it looks like you all had a blast!

Heather said...

You did a greast job!! Ours was the weekend before yours but I wimped out and left a little after midnight-I was way too flushed with the hot weather & way too pregnant. Next year I am hoping my son & daughter might think camping out with me would be fun. Love the

Heather said...

pit crew outfits-oops hit enter before I finished my thought-that happens a lot in my brain even when I am not typing...does that make sense???