I'd rather be hiking...

You know, I've never been a huge fan of going out and asking for money, but it all depends upon the reason/cause. I hate asking for my own needs, but I'm a little less reticent to ask for a good cause. I've been a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society since HBB (HalfBrainBoy) was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor back in 2001 and as a result we joined our local Relay For Life in 2002. I didn't get a lot of money from it, but the most fun I had raising money for the Relay was the time I turned a hike into a fund raiser. I only wish I'd thought of it sooner. And I hope to try this again sometime (frequently)! This is a video I made from that experience. I had put one together a while back, but I remade it last night to show that gathering money for a good cause doesn't always have to be just asking. Although, that is a really important way to do it - the most important actually.

So here it is, our Hike for the Cure from 2006.

I'd rather be hiking, but this year, I'm asking. Teams are down. Funds are down. I know that finances are tight for a lot of people. I know that there are a lot of deserving places to give charitable donations these days. It's a very hard time to ask for money. But that's what I'm doing this year. If you have five dollars, ten dollars, twenty to spare, any amount will help provide a wig for someone going through chemo, a ride for someone who needs one to a doctor appointment, a piece of medical equipment for a person who doesn't have insurance... the list goes on and on and you can help.

Here's a link to our team donation page. From there, click on the STAR that says donate. If you don't have a credit card, you can click on any of the team member names and find a link to print an offline donation form to mail your donation in to the ACS.

Thank you so much for your time! (please pass the word on! :D)

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Annie said...

Thanks for sharing this. My dad was recently diagnosed with stage IV cancer. I don't even know how I found your blog...Thanks though. And by the way how did you put those cancer links on your side bar...I want one:) Seriously if you have time e-mail me at captainannie@hotmail.com