Open Hearts

The blogging community is huge and very diverse. I have been fortunate to be a part of a very loving and giving part of that community. When I started this blog, it began as a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life a couple of years after HalfBrainBoy's surgery to remove his brain tumor. And the blogging community that surrounded us came through and very generously gave to our team by opening your wallets and pitching in with donations or else by telling us stories of hope and love and loss which kept me going as I ran those long miles inspiring me in my journey.

This week, I would like to ask you to open your hearts for Jeni. If you do not know her, by all means, go meet her. She is a beautifully courageous cancer warrior and some of her Blogger Friends are running a Bloggers for Jeni Auction this week on eBay. The proceeds will help pay for medical expenses that insurance won't cover and provide a trust for her little boy (he's 6), Jack. There are beautiful things for sale at the auction.

Beautiful things for beautiful bloggy hearts.

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Michelle de Seattle said...

So many things! She is lucky to have so many wonderful friends.