HBB: A new toy leads to old pictures

I'm having one of those nights.
It doesn't help that I didn't leave work until 9 tonight.
But, now I'm caught up in fun that could keep me up really late.
I've got a new toy. I bought a device to create jpegs from our old negatives (I'm afraid to say HOW OLD some of these are).
Many of these negatives have been stored in unheated/non-cooled storage for years in a severe climate. I have some negatives that have travelled several states and maybe countries. So, the quality of the negatives aren't great.
But, still, it's fun to turn these old pictures into jpegs.

Several down, thousands more to go. I just thought I would share a few.

First, Keri and I at an awards banquet. Back then, work was still a "formal" event. My small rebellion against the formal was long hair and the occassional pony tail.

Next, this is the three of us at our first Easter. Again, things were way more formal then. I think Keri and I had only been going out for two months here.

Then, the amusing thing is, this is our wedding photo. Really. It is. Casual. As in, wedding was held in 4-wheel-only-and-hike location above a glacier lake. July, but we got to have a snowball fight during the wedding.

This last is a really great memory. I'm happy to say this is my daughter. It's been a bunch of fun years being dad to her. I'm really, really happy I got that chance. I'd do it again in a second.

So, the negatives might be a little scratched and bent and faded. They've been through a lot. We have, too. But, they're clear enough to bring up memories.

With that, I am headed towards bed while I can still stop.


KinnicChick said...

I am LAUGHING at these photos for many reasons and I LOVE the last one of Keli. ENLARGE it and look at that beautiful face.

And then go look at my coworker in the QA team - can you hear her? I can. She was der-unk off her butt already in that photo and I can hear her trying to be so serious in some conversation probably with Mr. Sandy G about oh, what a fabulous new product we were creating that year ... oh lord.

Anonymous said...

These are WONDERFUL! Please, post more as you go!!

KinnicChick said...

One last note before I go to sleep (up way too late playing with photos on my own computer but I got them ALL backed up on my other hard drive) I uploaded these to flickr - hope you don't mind... :)


Granny said...

When I finally purchased an inexpensive digital, I had at least 6 throwaway cameras full of pictures I'd never developed. I'm ashamed to say I tossed them. However, I'm pretty sure at least 3 were pics of the ceiling, floor, etc. taken by the girls.

I have pics going back almost to the invention of the camera. I've scanned a few but I have a long way to go.

I like your wedding picture very much.

Anonymous said...

Middle aged kids and their toys. Go figure.

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Those are great pictures. Thanks for sharing, HBB!