HBB: Happy New Year 2 - The List

Okay, so I just said that my list of gratitudes for 2007 was too long to be started.

I lied. I am sure I will miss some major things that I am grateful for as I enter 2008, but here is a partial list.

1) I am overwhelmingly happy that Keri and I are back together and so close. This still feels a bit like a dream. It's wonderful.
2) I am extremely grateful that Keli and I are seeing each other so much and that I am able to spend some good dad and daughter time with her.
3) I am grateful for my good friends and family. So many have been there and haven't given up.
4) I am grateful for the work I have. I'm glad the work hiccups from last year seem behind us.
5) I am grateful for the good health. I am so glad that the concerns the neurologists had turned out to be nothing. I am so grateful for improvement of neurological functions.
6) Along those lines, I'm thankful for the determination by a certain doc to help get my seizure meds corrected. I can't tell you how much better life is with that improvement.

The list could go on and on...


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Anonymous said...

Amen to good health.