Let the Records Show, You Have Been Warned

I head to the local Relay For Life 2008 Kick off meeting tonight to pick up the packet for the team.

Yes, it's that time of the year again for all things Relay to enter my head and begin to swim around and take root. I may not be on the committee this year (thank goodness for a break for my wee brain from that) but that just means I'll have more time for our team and to have more time getting creative with ideas for fund raising and having fun!

Expect to hear more about the power of purple from me around here. Maybe you'll consider a quick donation for the holidays? I mean, what's better than tossing your money to a great cause like cancer research than tossing it away on more unnecessary disposables?

And? If you live in the area and happen to read this site, I may be hitting you up to be on the team. I love a full team of 15 people. The more the merrier. If you haven't been on it before but have considered it, consider it hard. If you have been a member of the Merry Brain Trust (no, I'm not changing the name, but it is the Holiday season), be prepared for recruitment season to begin. My new Team Captain and I are looking for YOU.

Give that some thought and bookmark my site. We'll talk.

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