I'd like to Teach...

Lying here thinking I should go to sleep. Was just reading a few other bloggers and happened upon Schmutzie... This piece. It brings back some pretty interesting memories of my days in lessons on the Organ. With Mrs. F.

recital day... god help me.

Oh yeah. Good times.

That's about all I wanted to say. It just seemed like it was time to update around here. Since somebody had gotten too busy to write or something.


Cursing Mama said...

Can not believe you're posting here..... I'm liking that moose picture in the facebook deallybopper.

KinnicChick said...

Can you see the resemblance? Huh? Huh? Can you?

Granny said...

I remember the piano lessons too. Do you still play?

I'm okay; just been spending more time with hubby and haven't had much to say lately. I will get back to the blog at some point - maybe even today.

Thanks for the kind words. I wasn't sure if I had an email address for you so am responding here.

Take care.