HBB: Results Good!!

Okay, so after we got the good results on Monday, things zoomed right back into the hectic swing of things. All of a sudden, it's Saturday, and I haven't posted!

Here's how it went. KinnicChick and I stayed in a Hotel near the hospital the night before the MRI. I had the MRI very early in the morning. Then, we waited for the eternal hours between the MRI and the meeting with the neuro-oncologist. We got coffee and wrote and wandered around.

Then, we went for the appointment to get the initial results.

First, we had a bit of a shock. The doc pulled the wrong MRI results on to the computer screen. These MRI results showed a pronounced tumor in a brain. The results made no sense since this showed a head with much more brain than I have. But, it was still an initial shock. The error was corrected and the doctor displayed MY results.

All looked good. I've formed an almond-size cyst that is new since the last time I was in. But, this is no problem.

All in all, very exciting news. Much relief.

Then the doctor looked back at the recent tests on my brain function. He looked at the results, then the MRI, then the results. He told me that he would not have expected the good level of memory I have based on the MRI. He told me that I must be exercising my brain in the right ways. That was nice to hear.

Afterwards, KinnicChick and I talked about how much it surprises us each time we see the MRI results. Let's just say that we were reminded that "HalfBrainBoy" is quite the appropriate name. And, I appreciate the doc's nice words about how I've been able to use what I've got. I've been lucky. And, I've had wonderful people around to help me.

Now, it's time to head into the holidays. Especially this Christmas, I think I'll have one of the nicest Christmases ever. I think this Christmas I'll likely feel the most gratitude ever.

There are my most favorite christmas cookies! KinnicChick's secret recipe. Time to start the holiday feasting.

I wish the best to you and yours.


KinnicChick said...
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KinnicChick said...

*kinnicchick giggles like a four year old boy behind hand about 'feasting'*

Totally relieved by all results and grateful to all concerned loved ones and Twitter for being a link to many of you. Thanks for checking in with us throughout the day. Ya'll rock. Smooches.

Granny said...

You both have good reason to enjoy your holiday season.

Happy holidays!!

kimberly-ann said...

Such good news! Sounds like you got the best present of all.
Merry Christmas Half Brained Boy..and to your lovely KinnicChick too!


Rising Rainbow said...

My youongest child had a brain tumor. She has come farther than anyone ever imagined. I have to give her a kick in the b*tt ever now and then to keep her motivated but I'm a firm believer in pushing myself to be the most that I can be. That philosophy has been helpful to here.

It sounds to me that you are doing the same kind of things. Good for you!!

Anonymous said...

Don't make me go to facebook, or I'll never solve this Sudoku puzzle.