Halfbrainboy: The Tunnel

I have to put a picture of this.

All of this summer, I've been waiting with great anticipation as I watched the construction of this pedestrian/bike tunnel outside my window. This tunnel meant access to many things, including the grocery store and my doctor's office.

A few weeks ago, it was completed. It was a thrill to walk through it the first time. Now, I've used this to shop and meet friends and have appointments. I've been able to get to all without needing a ride.

Some may argue that this is an example of huge waste of tax-payers' money. I can understand. I also have problems with money spent on projects that seem to benefit a select few.

But, I also argue that $4 per gallon gasoline, and increasing health problems from our sendentary lifestyles, might add to the argument for easy pedestrian access to things. I know this is used. I can watch the tunnel from my apartment window. It does draw the foot and bike traffic.

This also enhances more than access for just myself. On the opposite side of the road is an assisted living building. I spoke to a resident from that building as she discovered the tunnel for the first time. A whole new world was open to her.

So, I might be bias, but I'll enjoy it anyway, even in the sub-zero of winter.


Kathy C said...

HBB I think this is a wonderful use of our tax payers money!

HalfBrainBoy said...

Hi Kathy! Good to see your comment. Thanks!