The Weekend - HalfBrainBoy

It's Sunday night already. How did that happen? Okay, how many times do you hear people say, "Hooray, it's Sunday night, I've had too much weekend"?
I'm going to test my memory and see how this weekend was.

Left work early. That's always a plus. Keri and Keli picked me up early so we could get a good start on our weekend. Have I ever mentioned how I love the flexibility of my current job? And, have I ever mentioned how I like being an hour car ride away from home instead of... a 2 hour car ride, a 3 hour flight, AND a 45 minute car ride...away from home?

When I travelled for work, I would have to leave work on Friday morning at 10am to make it in the door at home by 7pm. So, I might still be gone from home all week, but things are better.

That's just getting home. Then, there was settling in to home, making sure we got our dose of chuckles with an episode from the first season of SNL.

Saturday, we started out with coffee at the new coffee shop the daughter wields caffeine. The coffee was good. It was very good. It was so good, daughter suggested I lay off the coffee for a little while lest my head start to spin. So, I did. I waited 15 minutes before my next cup.

That evening, we had our own version of iron chef at home. Daughter and her boyfriend made a kale, potatoe, celery soup. My wife and I made gazpacho. (My wife would rather distance herself from the results, so I'll clarify that I did most of the gazpacho.)

We sat. We ate. Good laughs. Good company. Good food. Well, some good food. Some good food. Some interesting food. Maybe we aren't gazpacho people. Maybe my version of gazpacho is ahead of its time. Maybe I'd better not enter the restaurant industry any time soon.

But, it was much fun. And, it would be nice to repeat the experience. Next time, I'll make spaghetti-o's.

After dinner, we watched another SNL episode. Then, Keri read a horror story to me.

Today, I spent part of the day testing my caffeine endurance back at Keli's coffee place. It was nice to spend quiet time talking. But, now, a horde of customers would be nice, too.

Keri and I took to the kitchen again, today. This time, we took on something bold. We took on baked potatoes. No accidents. No fires. They tasted as they should. We laughed. We were full. All in all a success.

After dinner, there was even table-side entertainment. Keri continued reading a book to me. A good book. A book with laughs. Uhhh. She'll have to tell you the name. I forget.

Keri's reading to me is a tradition started back during my brain surgery recovery. I couldn't read much then. Movies mostly made me dizzy. But, there was lots of time to pass. So, she started to read to me. She read and read. Out on the screen porch she read to me. In the car waiting for appointments, she read to me. As I tell people this, I realize how cool this is. I mean, when was the last time you were read to since become an adult? But, wasn't it fun as a kid? And, wasn't it fun to have someone want to share a book? And, doesn't it sound great spending hours sharing the same story and same laughs? Yeah. It's like that. It's as good as you'd imagine. Maybe a bit better. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am?

Then, we got back into reality. I'm back at the apartment preparing for work tomorrow. Keri is home getting ready for her busy week with truffles and all.

I know it's a long post. But, I'm just trying to eke out a little bit more weekend before I head towards bed.


bu.editorkate[at]gmail.com said...

No post is ever too long!

We read out loud to Sunalize every night until she was 11. One night in English and one night in Turkish. If Sinan was working hard to meet a deadline, he would still come home, read, and then go back to the office. "I will not give up my night to read!" It was a very special time that we all loved. I think there is nothing more luxurious than being read to sleep. Or just read to at all. :)

Cursing Mama said...

I'm still shaking from the thought of Keri cooking anything after the cup of noodles disaster. If you're interested & want to avoid spaghettio's I've got a nearly fool proof corn chowder recipe I can offer.

As for the being read too; I ended up reading to my daughter on Friday while she was in the dental chair. I'm out of practice, but it did help calm her.

KinnicChick said...

That gazpacho was dis-gus-ting. And CM, was that REALLY necessary? ;)

I DO know how to make truffles. Well, the scooping, rolling, dipping and decorating parts anyway. The other part I haven't mastered yet, but the other two are doing just fine at that.

Today's accomplishment? 200 cinnamon and 100 coffee truffles. Oh yeah.

HalfBrainBoy said...

oooooo, cinnamon, oooooo.
Did any get smashed? If so, can I have one?? I'm not too proud to beg.

And, for the record, I'm pretty sure KinnicChick DID peel the cucumbers and open the can as a part of the gazpacho. So, we were probably safe. ;)

Oh, and next to cinnamon truffles, corn chowder is my favorite. That recipe would be great. Then I can give it to Keli and Michael and they can do it right! (I really DID used to cook!)