Mineral Point 10/07 (*updated*)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Grant and his family. Those of you who read and are in this area, the memorial service and funeral information are posted on his CaringBridge site.

HalfBrainBoy and I are in one of our very favorite places to hang out this weekend. No, not New Mexico, although we hope to get there very soon, too. This weekend we are in Southern Wisconsin in the little town of Mineral Point. You've seen me write about this before if you are a repeat reader. Mystical and I visited MP last fall about this time, with a day trip to Galena, IL. And HBB and I have been here on several visits ealier, bringing Keli along with us, too.

The town has such a great feeling to it. You can see a video about it here. (It is available in two formats, one for mac, and one for windows...) I think we like it so much because of the many artists who live here and sell their work from their studios and various galleries. Shortly before HBB's brain tumor was diagnosed, we even entertained the thought of buying a building that was for sale on the main street through the down town area and having a business or two there and living above it. We also looked at several of the old homes that were for sale. They have some incredible real estate available. There are still homes here that we are interested in. We look every time we visit.

We took the long and scenic route down yesterday. (And yes, it was longer than we planned because neither of us has any sense of direction any more - I believe a GPS is on order for us this holiday season and it has become extremely necessary!)

**And now? I'm off for my turn at preparations for the day because we want to get to the cafe for breakfast! I'm not sure if we'll dine at the Red Rooster Cafe today or the Shake Rag Cafe. Either would be fine for an old fashioned greasy cafe brekkie.**

6 pm update - Turns out they've turned the Shake Rag Cafe into a simple snack bar and gift shop. So we had our breakfast at the Red Rooster. And it was good. More in a bit. With photos! Oh the shopping we did!

But first, we're off to dinner and Walgreens for a few things I forgot to pack (packing at 10 the night before is not a good idea... I need to learn to make a master packing list). I'll leave you with this photo...

High Street


creechmark said...

You are so sweet Keri. Do something nice for yourself.

KinnicChick said...

Thanks, Mark! As you can see, I did a LOT of damage to the plastic in MP. I was really nice to me! :)