Mineral Point 10/07 Shopping

So we had a very successful day of shopping in Mineral Point today. We hit several galleries and shops and bought things for gifts and things just because we liked them. If you think you'll be a gift recipient, don't look at the photos. HAHAHA.

Here's the booty:

One day's shopping yields

This was found out at the Brewery Pottery Studio, which is one of my favorite places to go when visiting the Point. HBB hasn't ever been there before, so I was excited to share it with him this trip.

Johnston Gallery Pottery

I bought this, oddly enough, at a little shop called In the Bag, which is a store specializing in made to order purses... but now that I actually write this paragraph, and write the name of the shop, the fact that I purchased wine there isn't quite so odd to me as it seemed at the time... ;)

Vampire Merlot

We ended up eating at Mineral Spirits again this evening. If you'll recall from the trip with Mystical from last year, this was where I nearly ended up wearing a gentleman on my shoulder one evening while I was trying to eat. He kept getting closer and closer. Or rather his butt did. I honestly thought he was going to sit on me. Or perhaps just use my shoulder to lean on during his conversation. It was an interesting, loud evening.

I've happened upon a favorite beer down here this year. Spotted Cow Ale is a little bit fruity and not at all bitter or dark. So for the second night in a row, it has been my drink of choice.

They haven't had exciting desserts to choose from, so tonight we walked over to the Old Royal Inn where they served up a brownie sundae for two. And it was fantastic. Had I not been wearing boots too treacherous to walk the hilly streets, I'd have been able to walk off my dinner/dessert/beer combo, but instead, after that wonderful coffee and chocolate extravaganza, we had to come back to our hotel to unwrap all our exciting purchases and take pictures to share with folks back home.

We head back home tomorrow, but hopefully not before we head back over to High Street and do just a little more shopping. There were a couple of things that we looked at and thought about going back to check one more time after giving some more consideration to. I have a thing for glass. It sparkles and shines when the light hits it in such a way to make me smile. And there was a fish from my childhood that my grandmother had - glass, of course - that I think is what I'm reminded of when I see many of these gewgaws. So I've had my eye on several glass ornaments (like that you would see here at the Johnston Gallery) in many different colors, and we both went kind of crazy about a large glass hanging disc that had red and pink in it. So we need to go back and see if it still has the same impact on us, I think. Hey, at least we aren't always just impulse buyers, we do think about it. :)

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