The Latte Jig - by HalfBrainBoy

How do you do the Latte Jig?

This is my version, tonight:

Put a venti Pumpkin latte in my right hand.
Put a double espresso, brownie and napkins in my left hand.

Walking back to work from Starbucks, a driver stops for me at a stop sign because I'm in the crosswalk.

To acknowledge such a rare and noble act, I raise my right hand in a sign of thanks.

This ejects pumpkin foam on to the left leg of my black pants.

Quickly, to avoid it soaking in, I use the napkins in my left hand to brush off the foam. This pours half the espresso down my right leg.

All this while convulsing across the street in front of the stopped car.

I think this driver is very happy she stopped. I think I may have made her evening. Next time, I think it would just be easier to flip her off. :)

1 comment:

KinnicChick said...

Oh dear. Somehow? I can picture it. In fact, I think I've seen some version of it on several occasions. HA! Oh my.

Well, you do try. ;)

Hope you got to enjoy a lot of every bit of it. Damn. I want a pumpkin spice latte now.