Happiness Points

Gratitude? Happiness Points?

Sure. Why not?

  • They finally have some Traveling Wilburys out on iTunes. This makes me happy.
  • I woke up during the night (okay, technically it was some time this morning since I didn't get to sleep until well past 2) with an idea for NaNoWriMo. I actually had the presence of mind to write it down in the notebook I had beside my bed. (No, I will not tell, so do not ask... I am superstitious enough to believe this will jinx me...) I typically do not go into November with an idea that sticks. The idea I end up with at the end of 50k is something that comes about three or four false-starts into the month sometime a week or so in. This makes me wonder if I should save this one until I've made a few different attempts.
  • I did not make it through the Lovecraft book over the weekend as planned. I'm on page 41. And I'm beginning to think that the stories get progressively creepy/gross. This one is terrific for that.
  • Happiness is the new scone at Dunn. White and dark chocolate chips. And the previous new scone, raspberry white chocolate. Wasn't I the one who once (okay many times) said "White chocolate is a sin against nature!" in my best mommy voice?

And now I'm thinking if I shouldn't be saving this material for CursingMama's Smiles on Wednesday...

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