Candy Man

There just aren't enough photos of rats on the internet.

Candy Man

I know, right?

(I'm also well aware that the place is a mess... in the process of a little redecorating so what else is new? I wanted to put up a banner that was a little more personal and a little less, well... blogger. As soon as Keli's computer is functioning again, I'm going to see what she can do about using her mad photoshop skillz toward making something that fits up there a little nicer for her pop and me and we'll have this place looking good as, er. Better than it does now. And if you'll notice the extra button up there on the right, you'll see that I won't ONLY be visiting you during this 24 hours and reading and slipping quietly away into the ether. I'll actually be leaving some mark of my existence. I'll be lurker no more! Today anyway. Click on the button and say hello to Schmutzie. If you please.)


MoMMY said...

oooo, love the photo in the header. Thought I'd comment too since I usually read from my feeder and have to expend actual energy and time to comment (why I don't very often). Today I shall TRY to comment more.

Cursing Mama said...

redecorating the blog - You???

Kathy C said...

I like the new look personally. Reminds me of well, home.

Miz S said...

We used to have pet rats. They were adorable. Like little dogs, they were.