Seven Ways to Commit Blog Suicide

I've been tagged by my friend, KathyC for a little assignment. I won't be able to complete it in nearly as clever a way as she did, but I'll give it a shot... because goodness knows I've done my fair shot at this particular topic.

  1. Jump around and have multiple blogs so that people are having to follow you from site to site at any given moment. Luckily, I've managed to stay with this little blogspot site since November of 2003 and for the most part, the three or four readers who have been with me since that start haven't had to do much jumping around. Prior to that, however, I had sites at Diaryland, a different site here, another spot that I can't remember which was similar to Diaryland, there have been a couple of joint efforts here within blogspot in the meantime which didn't last, and one or two other efforts on my own, as well. But at least there has been SOME consistency here. The title at the top has done some changing, but the address has stayed the same.
  2. Change commenting hosts so that comments get dropped completely and lost in the ether or even shut off and it appears you have nobody visiting your site. Well, yes. Comments from haloscan didn't get hooked up to the site again after the latest site refurbishment, but I know where they are. The problem is that I now have comments in blogger and comments in haloscan and never the twixt shall meet. *sigh*
  3. Speaking of changing the look of the site, make changes frequently and make them really major so that when people who don't visit often show up, they don't recognize that they've been to the blog before and always feel they are newbies and don't form a bond. Totally me. However, I think I've gotten much better about this of late, too. I suppose it has to do with having a new house and making changes in the home decorating arena instead. I have a new area to unleash my need for updates and modifications and Make! Pretty! Colors!
  4. When people do read and make comments, be sure and avoid commenting at their blogs if and when you stop by their place. Don't email them in return or even bother to reply to their comment on your own site. Okay, I will admit to being very haphazard in this department. I've jumped all over the place on this. When I learned that a popular blogger that I visit frequently always emails everyone who comments on his site, even if it is just a couple of words in return, I was determined that I would do the same. I started out doing this. That lasted a week. My heart was in the right place. I could probably get back to that because my inbox is now completely clear. After years of hundreds of messages in my stupid inbox I finally cleaned it out completely. What a breath of fresh air THAT was. And seriously? I get so few comments, how hard can it be to email everyone. Then I went through a spate of always commenting in my own comments. But who comes back and reads those? So that's just kind of silly. I visit everyone who is a regular (yes, all three) and MANY more through a feed reader (with over a hundred blogs) but only when they have updated.*
  5. Be very irregular about writing. Make sure nobody knows when you are going to update. Skip days and sometimes weeks at a time. Heck, take three months off! And then suddenly go through a spurt of extreme verbosity! Yep. I do this all of the time! There was a time when I actually had a lot of people stopping in to read. Then I just really needed a break and stopped writing and they fell away. So now I'm back to just three.
  6. Don't have a theme/topic that your blog is based on so you can draw a particular audience. I did have a theme at one time. I still do at some points in time. But for the most part? No. Not really. I just talk about a lot of different stuff. Which is why there are fifty different labels/tags and why I've never drawn a specific group of people.
  7. Post photos that only you would want to view. Oh sure. I know all about this one. Remember the cup of blackened noodles from the mac and cheese I tried to make in the microwave? Who else would want to look at that? *sigh* It's a good thing I'm not paying to keep this blog on the web. Or that it doesn't have to keep an audience to survive. It's just barely hanging on because I have a loyal three people who drop in from time to time.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if the three of you want to take this on, feel free and leave a comment so I can edit to add your link. Smooches!

*Some of you do not show up on my feed reader and it makes me very blue. Any suggestions of what I am supposed to do about you? *coughMichellecough* I have no idea when you have updated. :(


Cursing Mama said...

I don't know - I liked the cup of burnt noodles ;)

At least you make FANTASTIC Truffles!

creechmark said...

I'm sure I relate to all of that. ha.

HalfBrainBoy said...

I'm here! I'm here!
I liked the burnt noodles. But, glad I wasn't actually there for them.
And, come on, one theme/topic!?!?! How BORRRRING that would be. You are into so many things and so many passions. Talk about it all.

KathyK said...

I had to comment this time, just to prove that you have more than 3 readers.

bu.editorkate[at]gmail.com said...

Blogs are for personal expression. Change your scheme, post all the rat photos you want, change addresses, just give me the forwarding address :)

Kathy C said...

Yep, rat and burnt noodle pics are a MUST!

Well done Keri - Bravo!

KinnicChick said...

Aw. Smooches to you ALL! :)

Heather said...

YOu know until recently I didn't realize you had other blogs...but I say do what you like-no rules here!

Mel said...

Great post!

I'm totally not guilty of redecorating my blog. It's been the same since day one. LOL.

And my problem with dropping an email to a commenter? When I try to email, it nearly always gets bounced back to my inbox as undeliverable.

And I find random themes and topics waaaay more fun. Life is about more than one topic. :)


vicki said...

I won't have time to do this meme because some busy body tagged me with the mother of all annoying memes on Facebook. I probably won't do that one, either. I'm still trying to figure out how to work Facebook and I only have two friends there anyway- and I'm trying to shake those. The fact of the matter is I've been in the midst of total social suicide for ages. But as far as blogs go-I do all these bad things. As you know.

Michelle de Seattle said...

Dude, I thought facebook was for virgins?

I'm guilty of all seven! Craptastic! I blame the brain-eating amoebas.

Michele said...

Ha! I'm so guilty of 2,3 and 5. well, and probably 6 and 7 too.
If blogging were my job I would have been fired 3 years ago.

Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

Great list of 7, Keri! It's amazing the various ways people who've played out this meme have come up with. Strangely enough pretty much all of them can be done without actually causing harm to your blog. It makes me wonder what a blog would be like if it did ALL of them at the same time.