Random Bullets of my evening...

  • It would appear that 5:54 is walking through the neighborhood of kinnicchick and halfbrainboy time. At least on Monday afternoons!
  • I have an appointment to get our biga$$car tuned up tomorrow morning at the crack of morning. The big 120,000 mile appointment. Do not ask me why I scheduled it so early in the morning. I guess I thought it would be a good call. You know, get it in early and they'll have it done so much more quickly. This means I'll be dealing with the rush hour traffic of people going to work in the cities. It will be great. And pricey. I ran the car through the car wash last week. Ever since then it has sounded like it hasn't had grease anywhere. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeel. People look for us blocks away when we are coming down the street. I'm guessing they think there must be a runaway train cruising through town without benefit of tracks or something.
  • I'm tired of the ridiculously overblown Croc/escalator hype. Please. Escalators can catch shoes no matter what you are wearing. Flip-flops, sandals, etc. It has just come back into the media again because of the tot's incident. I'm always waiting to have my shoelaces caught in the escalator. Why do you think I wear Keen sandals? Why do you think I stay out of malls? Take the steps. They're safer. And you get exercise.
  • It is raining. Again. A really good storm. Hoping my daughter's roof doesn't leak. Again.
  • Had a great visit with KathyHowe, CindiRella, and CursingMama on Friday Night when we gathered for another Girls' Night Out at the Howe House. We even got to try out Cindi's hoop!
  • I removed the link to our local Relay For Life fundraiser because the site has been turned off. When the new site is activated and our team is registered, I'll get it linked up once again. In the meantime, I'd be happy to see you donate to the American Cancer Society here. For more personal giving, I happen to know several people who are currently battling cancer or have recently been fighting and could use your financial contributions. Email me and I will point you in their direction so your dollar can be used in the most direct and helpful way possible. Smooches to all of you.
  • I have acquired another chicken/rooster. Do ya'll think this may be turning into an obsession? This isn't just a chicken, however. This is a bobble chicken. I found it rather difficult to take a photo of the bird for it didn't want to stand still!

bobble chicken 1


Elle said...

I covet the BobbleChicken!

Mel said...

Bobble Chicken is cute!

ITA about the escalator/crocs hype. Actually, I don't care for this or any dumb hype when there are much more important things to hype! (OMG, that last sentence does NOT come out good, but my caffeine meter is a bit low this morning....)


creechmark said...

Interesting pet. Or is it voodoo?

Cursing Mama said...

love the bobble chicken ;)