Original Divas...

Because Katie is in Turkey and is not allowed to see things on wordpress, I present

Original Divas...

Back in the late 90’s I got my first computer at home. Because of my work as a quality control analyst who tested software in the world of Information Technology I had to be able to provide support at times and whined and whimpered when my rotation for on call would come about. I found it difficult to wake up in the middle of the night to those phone calls when I would have to figure out what the problem was based on a description over the phone by a voice of a (typically) crabby night operator who didn’t know some of the software systems any better than I did.

Getting a computer at home allowed me to be able to hook up to the computers downtown and do some actual research and visually see what was going on. This made life so. much. easier.

It also opened up my life to the world wide web. Internet for the masses. Magazines online. Research of any subject that I fancied on a whim. And I was off and running. How amazing was that?

Shortly after that, I found a website that was discussing Oprah and her weight loss and fitness guru at the time, Bob Greene. His book Make the Connection was the latest and greatest thing. A discussion group formed from that site, rather like a bulletin board or perhaps that is exactly what the first group was. I really can’t remember anymore. I bet my friends, do. It was on one of the women’s magazine sites.

Well, there was a lot of discussion going on there, and a lot of support and caring and friendships forming. And one day, the web had a hiccup and the site went down. And that one day stretched into two and three… I had an email address or two for some of them and we began to send emails in the background: “What’s going on? Have you heard from anyone else?” And it began to dawn on us that we needed a backup plan and contingencies. :)

So many more email addresses were exchanged when the site came back up (I think quite honestly they couldn’t handle the volume of interest and discussion that was going on in their little site!) and different ideas were discussed (like yahoo groups, for example). These people were becoming important to each other and didn’t want to lose contact again!

In the year 2000, one little gathering of those brought together through the power of the internet took place in the city of Chicago, Illinois. They are pictured here. The anniversary of that event was just over a week ago. Happy Anniversary of our Chicago Diva Fest, ladies. I’m so very proud of us for maintaining our connection for such a long time. I love you like my sisters and hope we are able to come together again very soon.

Divas in Chicago

Peter, Amanda and Jane

Katie and KathyC and their girls


Anonymous said...

It's amazing, really. You have become so important to my sanity on a day to day basis!!

KinnicChick said...

I know exactly what you mean, Katie. I feel the same way.

And I mourn the loss of our Miss Judikins very deeply. Knowing that we'll never all gather together again breaks my heart. And makes me wish we could all make it a big priority to meet up again very soon.

Amanda said...

I miss Judy too. I really cherish our friendships and also look forward to seeing everyone again some day soon.