News from this side of the river...

News from my world that's almost fit to print...

  • The one trial I've almost been involved with wrapped up this week with the defendant being found guilty of 2nd degree intentional homicide. I know I've said it too often already, but I'm very grateful I didn't end up on this jury. They never would have picked me, though. I was far too biased walking into it. The day I read about the police call in the local paper I said (not just to myself but out loud, for crying out loud) "Oh this guy is so guilty, and stupid!"
  • It's Friday, which means HalfBrainBoy heads this direction from his weekday place across the river. What will we be doing this weekend? Maybe spending a little time with extended family if we're lucky. Maybe doing a little shopping for the next big thing on our finishing the new home list. Probably watching a little Mystery Science Theater 3000 (to satisfy the geek in us).
  • Had an email from my niece this week informing me that she and her cousin are interested in joining the Relay Committee. What was that I said about the younger generation stepping up to the plate? She lost her grandpa to this insidious disease less than a couple of weeks ago, so it's deep in their hearts to find the cure, too. Still, I'm proud of the girls. There aren't many 16-year-olds who step up and get this involved.
  • Considering the whole ridiculousness of the man vs. women outlook of the list, I thought Busymom's list was quite apropos. You? In fact, we could make the list MUCH longer given that outlook...

I guess that's about enough news for me this morning before I've even finished my first cup of coffee. I've already broken a piece of my bracelet off and haven't even struggled through the first short story of this final book in the challenge. I'm determined to sit here until I do. One story. They're actually pretty short. I can do this. And then I'm going to do some writing. Because Friday is writing day, even if Marge isn't here.

Have a great weekend. What's on your list of fun things to do this weekend?

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