I've been following along this week with LifeTwo's week long series on "How to be Happier" which focuses on the work of Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and his book "Happier."

Today has brought forth all sorts of interesting reads...
First we learn the four archetypes of happiness and their descriptions. These days I'm afraid I fall more into the Hedonist type than any of the others, while HalfBrainBoy spends more time following the Rat Racer type (except on the weekends...;)) And of course, the Happiness archetype is the preferred type to be following. I could go into the descriptions and explanations, but why bother when you can head on over to the link and read all about it yourself? Besides, there are several posts which come prior to today's that you should read first if you are interested in this.

Also, if you are a younger reader, don't let the location of the information scare you away. It's not just for us old folks. Happiness is attainable for all ages! :)

There are exercises included in the posts and links and insightful comments from others. I wanted to include info here for others who may not already know about it.

Posted today in other areas of their site, they discussed today that becoming more organized can make a person happier because the more organized you are and more simplified your life is, the more time you have to do the things you really want to do. Well, being the little type-A organizational freak that I am, I was all over that one. When blogger Greg asks the question, Can You Organize Your Way to Happiness? I answer a hearty YES! And he provides fabulous links to sites that make me happy just knowing they exist. *sigh*


bu.editorkate[at]gmail.com said...

Definitely. Sinan the architect is all about minimalism, so this reinforces my drive to continuously pare down our possessions.

Wesley said...

Thank you for the nice post and I'm glad (no make that happy!) that you are enjoying the series.