Decorating... it just keeps on creeping along...

Not much has happened since our last report on decorating from the home front. We are, for the most part, living with the decisions made so far and letting them settle. We are getting the feel for living in this space and seeing how we utilize the various rooms and what we think we still need.

Last week we drove in to our development and the guy who has a blinds company was just loading up his car after meeting with one of the new town home owners. We stopped to chat with him about coming over and delivering his pitch to us some day and he said he actually had some time right then if we were open. Perfect. So he stopped in and we chatted for forty-five minutes giving him our feel for what we wanted in window coverings and he showed us what he was doing in the development here and in Blaine. He wrote up a bid and said they could be installing in just a couple of weeks, which is really good news as we are very tired of sneaking around in the dark at night.

I'm thinking that installation should happen about the same time as the delivery of our bedroom furniture, which feels like it has taken forever.

The living room furniture is being lived in. We like it just fine, but it is not enough. Still looking for the perfect recliner to finish it off. And wishing we'd gone with one more chair or perhaps the loveseat in addition to the sofa/chair combo. And we're still looking for the pieces to put beside the fireplace. Because the perfect things just haven't come along yet. If only that sideboard to match our dining room had been two inches smaller. *sigh*

And the perfect rug will be found in New Mexico as soon as we next travel there. I can feel it.

The southwest feeling is just exactly what the doctor ordered, though. And the girls are totally enjoying hanging out here. When we have it all together, we'll have a party and invite you all to come.

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