Childhood Cancer Awareness Month...

News from the battle lines.

Sahara had surgery this week. That nasty inoperable gbm with which she was first diagnosed, was a misdiagnosis. There is fabulous news in their world. You can visit her blog and learn more about it there. But things are looking much brighter than they did the last time I wrote about her here.

Grant is still lighting his family's world with his lovely life. He brings them joy and shows determination with every passing day. He asks questions which he loves to have answered in the guestbook of his CaringBridge site, if you care to answer. His parents read the answers to him, which he enjoys.

Connor and his family received wonderful news this week. No more brain tumor! Do you remember Connor's story? He was dianosed with Congenital Glioblastoma multiforme stage 4. His family was given no hope when this was found. Always search for hope. Always. Never give up.

Do you notice what these stories have in common? These inspirations are young people. They are not the only inspirations I've had on my list who have been young. No, not at all. I'm sure you could add many more to the list, too. I'm writing of them tonight because I received a strong reminder when I went blog-walking today and visited another inspiration of mine, Deb. I'm sure if you've been reading here for any length of time, you will remember her. She's been walking her own journey for a while now. Well today she had a post that put all of these young people racing into my mind and all of the others who are fighting and have fought. She reminded me of why we are doing this. Yes, I got involved because of HalfBrainBoy's journey. But I stay involved for all of them. Thank you for your continued involvement, Deb. And thank you again for the reminder... Because sometimes I need a kick in the ass.


Miss Eliza said...

You inspire me!! I'm glad we're neighbors, too. Hello from across the river!

Granny said...

Hi and thank you for the good wishes.

I'd lost track of you and I apologize.

Granny said...

Thank you again. If I had your email address, I've misplaced it.

Suzy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today. When I checked out your blog I saw that it was about fighting and surviving cancer.

As I believe there are no accidents in life, I was amazed that this blog passed into my life just when it did. I have been dealing with health issues that involve an ankle, brought on by another surgery elsewhere in my body.

I have been whining and feeling sorry for myself for over a year and a half that no one can tell me what is wrong and that I have no health insurance.

After I stopped by your blog, I said to myself, "Oh for God's sakes stop your whining girl, there are people with real health issues who don't whine at all."

So thanks.