A Warrior Falls...

A quick post today because I cannot/will not be deterred from my job of website creation for the business.

I just wanted to say farewell to a fallen brain tumor warrior from the little town I lived for twelve years while my daughter went to school there. He was the father of one of Kel's classmates (yes, this is the second father in her class to die of a brain tumor... who here finds that too coincidental in a town so small that there should be three dads in the same class with brain cancer?) and battled for many years.

Please keep Brian's family in your thoughts as they struggle to deal with this new stage in their lives. He leaves behind three children and a wife who loved him very much.

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Bluegrass Mama said...

How sad. One of my daughter's friend's dads died of a brain tumor, and six weeks later his widow was diagnosed with breast cancer. Praise God she is doing well three years later.