Update re: yoga aches

Laughing at myself because...

All of those shoulder pains were NOT, I have decided, a result of the yoga that I attempted during my migraine. Yes, it was power yoga. But yoga is goooood. Say it with me kids... Yoga is gooooood.

My shoulder pain was the kind that you get from lifting. Lifting heavy objects. It dawned on me as I was rubbing smelly medicinal rubs which remind me of very old people and in fact make me feel like an old person soothing elixirs into sore muscles last night before bed what might have caused that sort of pain. Because nothing that I did during power yoga was the type of movement to do it.

The epiphany? Lifting ginormous suitcases which were obviously packed full of bricks but which contained only clothes, so swears my mother, clothes needed for the cruise to Alaska, where I hope they are fully enjoying themselves and having a great time. Oh wait. They aren't on the cruise yet. That starts tomorrow. If they are allowed to board. With a suitcase full of bricks. *wink*


Bluegrass Mama said...

Can you call and warn your mother not to lift themselves if she wants a pain-free trip? Hope your aches ease up soon!

HalfBrainBoy said...

I picture the cruise ship ties all of the overpacked bags and uses them as an extra anchor.
I wonder if they will come back with heavier or lighter bags when they return? Are you hiring movers to help with the return trip from the airport?

:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Feel better!

Cursing Mama said...

totally knew it wasn't the yoga.

Anonymous said...

BGM - I'm imagining the strapping young assistants on the ship doing all of the lifting and hauling of said luggage from here on out. They're great at not lifting heavy stuff. Well she is anyway. My dad is stubborn. Aren't ya dad? ;)

HBB - LMAO at the visual of the luggage now chained to the ship providing a new anchor!!!


CM - Yeah, and you would be correct. Of course.

Shellynoir said...

I was a porter in 1993 and I totally hates the big suitcases. I'm more of a "three small backpacks" type of chick.

I hope your headache makes like a banana!

KinnicChick said...

Shellynoir - A porter, eh? THAT must have been quite a job. Build up a few muscles??? WOW.

As for the headache... there are four players at work here, methinks. I have, I believe, my own version of (S)He Who Must Not Be Named in my life. I believe this to be a contributing factor. Beyond that, allergies, weather, and cycle all contribute and all four are at work at once again this week. Seems they like to gang up almost every month. Amazing how that happens like clockwork.

But thanks.