Thanks once again...

I just wanted to sign in here and tell you all thank you one more time for the generous love you showed the Relay For Life of Hudson during our Blogathon last weekend. We received sponsorships in the number of 12 pledges totaling $632.46. I still haven't been able to figure out why the dollar amount is such a wonky figure? But I'm working on it.

Our sponsors were:

Typical Momma (-d)
Mystical Marge
Peter S.
Carol M.
Uncle Marty and Aunt Rozz
Trudi of As We Are Magazine

Thank you all so very much!

You will be receiving an email from blogathon with a link to Relay to assist you in fulfilling your donation, please keep an eye on your spam folder because that is where mine landed when I sponsored -d of Typical Momma.

Then we also want to thank those of you who signed on throughout the time to send us comments and keep us awake! You also rock. :) Smooches to each of you! And to Anonybro and Anonysis for letting us use their computer when we were at the grad party since the crackberry kept dropping our connection. Poop.


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Michael Manning said...

(((HUGS))) Keri! I am involved with another Blogger Relay at the moment but for the same cause. Your life's work and Blog really brings a candle of hope that we will defeat this terrible disease. You do wonderful work, my friend!

Keri said...

Thanks to both of you!