Ruh Roh...

So remember earlier today when I posted about Anonybro and Anonephew coming over to pick up the table and deliver Lurch and the giant desk?

Well I should have taken photos because the boys, they were impeccable (as in flawless) in their delivery. They carried the desk of great lengths up the winding staircase only after measurements were taken and figuring out exactly how it should be lifted and turned this way and that so that marks would not be left, lighting fixtures would not be broken, and fingers would not be smooshed. They were the epitome of careful.

And then?

Hurricane Keri happened.

Yes, that is a hole in the wall. From the doorknob of our garage door. And as I exclaimed to Keith when I called him, "I wasn't even mad when I did it!" I was simply in a hurry. And there is a door stop on the dogdamn door! *sigh*

So for all your care and worry about my walls, Anonybro, I thank you so very much. Because now I only have one big spot on the wall to worry about. I wish it were in a better location, because I think a great looking southwestern style wallhanging would have been an order. But this? I guess this will just need repairing. AGAIN. And a MUCH better door stop.


HalfBrainBoy said...

GASP!!!! NOT again! :)
LOL. Wow, I'm in awe of your strength. Don't mess with this woman.

Hey. Remember just a couple of weeks ago we were saying we needed to get our first scratch in the walls so we could stop being so careful? Welllllll....

You know. I think I have a small sandpainting just that size. And, I've heard it is the new style to put small pictures on the walls only at waist height.

Or, you could just staple a beach ball there to withstand the wrath of hurricane Keri.

Oh, cool! Lurch is home!?! Does that mean the return of "What movie is Keri watching?"

Keri said...

Oh sure... a sand painting is JUST the ticket for that location... it would stand up to a flying door/handle NO PROBLEM. ;-)

And no, the return of Lurch does NOT mean the return of What Was Keri Watching. I don't intend to move the projector out to the garage, nor do I intend to move Lurch up to the loft. If I Lurch, I Lurch in a movie-free zone... *snort*

Cursing Mama said...

apparently the zen of yoga hasn't gotten 100% to your head..maybe you should try one of those relaxation workouts