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Now this is a crazy headline... but I think they knew who they were marketing to. I bet some of my friends and relatives must have received the email from Amazon, too. If not, I don't know whether I should pass along the word, or not!

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Walk Score
Calculate your home's walk score. Or your anticipated future home's walk score. In the website's words, "Find a great neighborhood." But in my opinion, they also need to figure in the number of sidewalks, crosswalks, lights at intersections, etc. The home in which I grew up as a child comes up right in the middle at a 52 out of 100. When I plug in Keli's place about a mile away but on the opposite side of the freeway, it comes in with a 63. I guess I could look at this in a couple of different ways. The website gives it a higher score because it is closer to more of the new restaurants that have gone in during recent years. But if Keli wants to shop at the Natural Food grocery store and the red bullseye store because these are the stores she frequents most, then she would probably give her home a lower score than my old home. BUT, it is a pretty cool website all-in-all. My new house isn't even found on it, however. I guess the street is still too new. Which is why the appliance repair guy couldn't find me the other day when he called from the road. heh.

I got a few things knocked off the big honkin' To Do list today... with thanks to Anonybro and Anonephew. My nephew and his girlfriend came over to look at the table the other day and decided they did indeed like it enough to take it off our hands, so he came back today to meet his dad (who was providing back strength and a pickup truck) to pick it up. While on that trip, we also managed to get the giant desk brought over here from our old place AND Lurch, the treadmill of doom. So now, I'll have no excuses to get my mileage covered as winter months come along soon enough.

While Anonybro was here, I asked his advice about my dining chairs and his expert mind helped me work out how to take care of the little problem they were causing. We worked on that while waiting for Anonephew to arrive and I finished up with it after they left.

I've also been putting off a phone call to the fireplace people but took care of that this afternoon. I've been needing to schedule the start-up service. Which means they come and put the fake logs in and the nice little surround parts on, I guess. As you can see in this photo, It isn't exactly finished off as yet (yeah, I know that the photo is old and none of the house was finished, but that is still how the fireplace looks). Well I'm hoping all will be finished with one service call only a week away.

I didn't expect to be able to move today after Kel and I did much yoga yesterday and then some crazy exercise video to boot. (can you hear the north woods accent on that 'ta boot' Jenorama? I said it extra heavy just for you...) But while my abs could feel it on some extra deep laughter while she and Sara were here earlier, and my neck and shoulders (always the holders of the most tension) can feel it when I'm paying close attention, for the most part, I'm not feeling as badly as I expected to. And the headache that was plaguing me when I got out of bed this morning and dragged myself straight to the coffee shop (post laundry and doing a little housework, that is) to try and alleviate, has subsided. So I may do a bit more yoga this evening. I'm finding it addicting.

But now, I'm going to put on my shoes and hop into the car for just a couple more errands. Most important of which is a quick drop in at the coffee shop to say hello to my favorite new roaster.


HalfBrainBoy said...

SWEEEET!!! I've never seen this walkable neighborhoods site. This is going right on the top of my favorites. My apartment got a score of 58 out of 100. I kind of disagree. That score is too low. I mean, this is the neighborhood which just completed a tunnel and a pedestrian overpass so I can walk to three grocery stores, my bank, a Target and 4 coffee shops, all without crossing a street! As an avid (okay, forced avidness) walker, it is so cool to see attention paid to this topic. I'm a new big fan of this idea. Okay, I'll put my soapbox away before I take off on a tangent, but, still, this is cool. Thanks for posting the info on this site.

HalfBrainBoy said...

Oh, and tell M (of W&M) that I look forward to sampling her roasting endeavors.

Anonymous said...

You two are so FUN! Thanks for allowing me to be "your favorite new roaster" and HBB you better wait for awhile before you try any or my roasts!!!!! Miss you both!

M (of W&M)

KinnicChick said...

Aww M.... You are so silly. You'll be the BEST roaster there in no time. Oh wait, W isn't reading this, is he? ;)

Smooches. See you soon!

Blogger said...

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