Potter (no spoilers) and travels and yoga (oh my)

Breathing deeply. In... through the nose... Out... through the mouth...

Rolling the head... ouch. The neck, the shoulder - it hurts... Not entirely the fault of the tension from whatever. I did do power yoga yesterday. A serious mistake considering I had a migraine already. But I just thought... Yoga... *sigh* It sounds so soothing and calming.

After spending what seemed like an eternity trying to get the plastic wrapping off the dvd I purchased prior to the move in anticipation of the calm new location in which practice the calm new practice of - yoga - I was ready to lie down and take a nap at that point quite seriously. Why do dvd's have to be packaged like Fort Knox? Anyway, I then spent the next ten minutes removing the wrapping from the - yoga - mat (soothing green with a lovely bamboo plant stenciled on it, invoking the feeling of Japan you know...) and then I put the dvd in and started it up. Okay, I realize this was power - yoga - and not relaxation - yoga - and it included pilates to boot. But when I had sweat pouring down my face within minutes? And my pulse was pounding from my head in no time. I didn't last through half of it, I don't think.

Kel joined me a couple of hours later for the drive to the airport. We had a couple of people to deliver there who were off on an adventure and that was a little stressful for all involved. They don't do a lot of traveling anymore and it was my first drive across the Mississippi since Wednesday's terrible incident. I'm not a paranoid person and I didn't get all uptight about it. I simply thought about it both times I crossed. It was a bit of a 'moment' is all. There are still people missing and such. When you are right here, those things resonate. I'm not going to be one of those who make the 9/11 comparisons because frankly? Perhaps you have to have been there - BOTH places/times, to be able to do that. Personally, I can't see doing it. But I didn't lose anyone either place and would never dare to make that comparison.

I read a lot of Harry Potter yesterday. Kel finished it and while I have been in no hurry to complete my reading of the final book seeing as how it is the final book, I am now zipping along and nearing the end. (You'll find no spoilers here if you are, like me, one of the 10 people left in the world who plan on reading it and have not yet finished it.) I will probably finish it today.

I went to bed with HP and indeed, fell asleep reading and with the head still rather nasty. But then? The phone rang at 1. AM. From the travelers. And there was a bit of tension and to do and late night running around. But now, by noon, all is well and taken care of once again. And again we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Well, so long as I keep an eye on the fedex tracking numbers, that is.

Hope you have a great trip, mom and dad. I'm sure those documents will reach you before you ever get to Anchorage. I envy you your adventure. Take tons of photos because the more you take, the more likely a few of them will turn out. It is digital, after all. And you can always delete the ones you don't like later. Bring them all home, though. We can crop and touch up whatever you have. Smooches!

*Edited to add* And all morning I was noticing this HUGE (and I'm seriously talking HUGE here people) knot in my shoulder. If I even touch it I nearly jump out of my skin. And it isn't the shoulder that I injured in New Mexico last March that isn't healed yet either (can you say rotator cuff injury???). It's the other shoulder. Oh yeah. And I'm thinking, "Oh this has got to be stress from being awakened in the middle of the night and the driving around to go find the documents and the panic and the sleeping with the stress of knowing I needed to take care of this in the morning and ..." But you already know what I'm going to say next right?

Frickin' Power Yoga. I'm totally out of shape from the tops of my legs up. I do walking. And sometimes a little jogging. It's what I do. My legs can handle that. That's it. Anything else? Zippo. I dip a few truffles once in a while but I know that's gonna change really quick. Pretty soon? I'm going to be building truffle muscles I didn't know existed. So this power yoga thing is probably a pretty good thing. *hrumph*

Someone remind me to tell the bizarre tale of the eyes that could see perfectly in the middle of the night when I swore I had to have been sleeping in my contact lenses. Okay? Future installment... Must come from sleeping with Harry Potter or something... (and someone please tell this woman to stop with the ellipses already!)


Shellynoir said...

I know a great massage therapist but he is in Seattle :(

Bluegrass Mama said...

I read the second half of HP7 in virtually one sitting the day after it came out. Part of me wanted to stall so it wouldn't be over, but I've never claimed to have any willpower or self-discipline.

I did NOT however, sleep with him. 17 may be legal age in the wizarding world, but I am still a Muggle. A happily married Muggle at that. ;-)

HalfBrainBoy said...

Uh. Here's your reminder to tell the bizarre tale of your eyes in the middle of the night. :)

Anonymous said...

Shellynoir - Looking forward to a massage... at the end of the month. In the meantime? Loving the giggles I always find at your site. Keep 'em coming!

BGM - I FINISHED! No more sleeping with him. I promise!

HBB - It wasn't nearly so entertaining on second telling. I think I'll pass.

Jen said...

Isn't yoga GREAT? Which DVD do you have?

Blogger said...

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