More Brain Dumping...

Just a brief note tonight before we try and get a better night's sleep than we did last night. A quick recap of our day...

Last night was cut short by a crazy loud storm that moved in around 4:15 this morning. As the thunder began to roll in, I woke Keith up because we both enjoy a great storm. Well, twenty minutes later I was ready to put in a pair of earplugs and pull my pillow over my head and wishing I hadn't ever heard it when it moved in. I am always amazed later to learn that some people can actually sleep through storms like this one. There was thunder that sounded like the loudest banging of the big celebratory fireworks. So explosives, in other words. I really expected to look out windows and see blackened smoke from smoldering buildings across the landscape or some such catastrophe. There were 70 mph winds and torrential rains. Power was out over most of the city (we lucked out, for some reason) and trees and large branches came down in many areas, blocking entire roads in North Hudson. I'm still waiting for photos to appear online.

We spent a portion of the day shopping. We have yet to find window coverings and it gets a little annoying being on the main level of the house and trying to wander around in our jammies with people walking their dogs ten feet from the main windows. It just doesn't work for private people like us. So we either have to hide upstairs or always be dressed for the day before we head down to make our coffee. So we paid a visit to World Market where we got a look at some things that we had only viewed online. We may have found something to purchase.

And it also brought something else in to mind once we got back home and got back online to make the purchases (they didn't have everything at the store and we are going to have it delivered anyway, so we figured we do the shopping online...)

So things are moving forward again with the house stuff.

I received my upgraded iLife today. :) So I got that installed. But I haven't had any time to play with it. Looking forward to that. Hoping it will have some good stuff for assisting with the new website for the truffle biz.

And finally, the two of us wandered off in our own direction this evening for a little culture. Keith headed to the Ordway in St. Paul to see Monty Python's Spamalot with some friends. He'll have to give you his review some time in the future because he is even more exhausted and burned out from his day than I am, and believe me... that is hard to beat. (He is afraid to talk to me or come near me right now because I am one crabby blogger right now... I have gone beyond my limit and am ready to melt into a puddle of whimpering sniffles.)

I toodled off to the Phipps Center for the Performing Arts here in my home town where my niece was performing in a show called Dances, Chances and Circumstances. And it was fabulous. The theme of the show this year was the Fifth Element. It had several choreographers and it was one of the best dance shows I've seen done in recent years. I really enjoyed myself. I thought that the transitions were a little long between numbers and there was one piece that I thought could have been left out altogether (some northwoods humorist piece that involved almost no dance at all - just a comedy sketch broadcast over the speakers and the women in costume performing to his words - I found it unnecessary and not in line with the rest of the show at all), but the rest of the show was brilliant and well performed by all of the dancers.

So, now we are finally both home and I am truly exhausted. Must. Sleep.

Oh, and I've come to the conclusion today that I'm addicted to yoga.


Cursing Mama said...

Did you try Lowes for window treatments? They've got some pretty good stuff - and things that can be custom made to fit your windows.

Yoga rocks!

raehan said...

Yoga addictions are good. I need to get addicted again. The kids have had no camp/school all summer, so it's been hard to find time to go.

KinnicChick said...

CM - Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out. There is a big shiny new Loews only 15 or 20 minutes from our house and very close to MYSTICAL. :) I can stop there and go annoy her for a beer and a sit down in her backyard haven of falling water and gardeny goodness. Great idea.

raehan - I did the 40-minute end of day routine from my stress-free dvd (the great recommendation from CM) and she woke me up when she started speaking at the end of the last move. LOL. I guess it was a great and relaxing routine. And I guess I was ready for the end of the day. :)