Migraine speak... TMI so read at your own risk.

Knocked on my butt all day again today by yet another migraine. Don't know if this was related but I realized late in the day yesterday that I had had NO coffee all day.

Shocking. I know. I was stunned myself.

And it had been such a good day. One of the first in weeks that my neck and shoulders hadn't bothered me. And then I did some bullying of the queen mattress in our room and missed my coffee and worked on the MacBook with it sitting in a very non-ergonomical position (very high up so that I was lifting my arms to work on it) for hours in the afternoon. NOT smart. On top of the missing of the coffee.

So today? Not good. So I went on a coffee run at one point and then went home and lost that coffee when I got sick. This is about the fourth or fifth time (lost count) I've gotten sick from my migraines in the past few months. Prior to that? Only twice ever. In the twenty plus years now that I've been having the blasted things. Twenty. Years.

I'm much better tonight. And I'm going to bed. Where I hope to sleep all night. Even though I slept much of the day.

I did manage to wake up for a couple of hours in the early evening, though. And finished a book I was reading since I was just lying there and it was sitting there beside me. Now I'll be ready for the R.I.P. Challenge going on over here. A good reading challenge for this time of year. Don't know if I'll succeed with it, but considering all the books I've read in the dark of night over the years, creeping myself out until I'd have to get up and check the locks on the doors and windows and turn on all of the outside lights, an appropriate one, I think.

(I think the enjoyment of these books in middle school/high school came from having Anonybro move out of the house and losing that element of his spooking me... I remember the hand coming through the open staircase on one particular occasion that freaked me out forever more, preventing me from being able to walk up those stairs at a normal pace forever more if home alone! HAHAHA!)


HalfBrainBoy said...

Really bad news about the new twist on the migraines. :(
Just a couple of reminders:
1) Remember to put car in park before a migraine makes you leap from it. It's tough to get from passenger side to drivers side as a fence slowly approaches.
2) Put down the phone before leaping from the car.

Ha. Just an attempt at migraine levity. I hope your head is doing much better this morning.

kim said...

Thanks..I have signed up for the RIP II challenge.
Now i have an excuse to go book shopping.

Sorry the migraines are back. Munch has had a hard summer with his...something to do with barimetric pressure..or so i am told.

Shellynoir said...

Feel better soon

Kathy C said...

Must be all this rain...you are getting the rain too aren't you?

KinnicChick said...

HBB - thanks, Keith. Your humor is always appreciated. As you know, laughter really IS the best medicine. :)

Kim - Glad to hear you signed up! Let me know what books you buy. Are you going to be blogging your list? Or did you already? I haven't been surfing for a few days as I've been working on the truffle site. I'll swing by later.

Thanks Shelly!!

Kathy, I DO think weather has a LOT to do with the latest big swing of migraines. TOO MUCH RAIN!!!