When the party's over!!!

Lest you think that now that blogathon is over and done I'll be taking a ginormous hiatus again... you'd be wrong.

After the thon, we slept. A few hours. Then we woke up and padded around the apartment and did a little laundry so I'd have clean blogathon clothes to wear home because the ones I had been wearing for 24-hours weren't too fresh and I hadn't taken the time to pack anything for the drive over. Then I drove an hour back to the new house and HalfBrainBoy did a bunch of stuff he'd put off all weekend (like paying bills and balancing the books) in order to get ready to go back to work Monday morning.

Monday I think I took our new bedroom apart and packed up some new bedding I had purchased to take back to the store because I had made a definite decision not to keep it. I also saw Kel and Michael for a little bit when they visited with me so she could say goodbye before heading to a friend's cabin 'up nort' for the week. And I did some reading to finish Life of Pi since Harry Potter had been staring me in the face for days and I was ready to get to it already. That evening I needed to drive the hour back to Chan to get Keith because we were getting internet installed at the new place and he needed them to do some stuff to his laptops.

Yesterday we did a little more running around between here and the neighboring town and got a little coffee at the Mighty Dunn before I had to take him back to Chan again.

On return I read a couple hundred pages of HP. And was a little lazy. And waited for a phonecall from my nephew who was supposed to be coming to look at a table when he was in town. Methinks he maybe changed his mind about coming swimming or something. It happens. I still have bedding to return to a couple of stores.

I have a informational website to build and get online. It has to look really classy and professional. I'm not a builder of websites. So this is my new challenge.

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