HalfBrainBoy's Friday Meme

1. Have you ever taken an art class?
Believe it or not, I have. But, my art teacher has asked to remain anonymous. I would guess Picasso wasn't understood in his art classes either!

2. Do you draw, paint, or sculpt? What other artistic hobbies/interests do you have?

3. Do you ever attend art shows or other artistic exhibitions?
Yes. I grew up in an artistic family. Site about my grandmother.
So, art shows and gallery visits were common.
And, I'm in an artistic family now as well. I've been to several art events for my daughter.

4. What kinds and styles of art are you drawn to?
I guess I'd have to call my art....neo-classical stick figures.

5. What kind of art do you actually have in your home?
Much pottery from my grandmother.
Drawings from Keli.
A sculputure Keri bought me for a birthday.

Got this from TheDailyMeme.

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