We've got butt perches!

Well, after a productive weekend with HalfBrainBoy in town shopping our little patookuses off at the Red Bullseye and the furniture store, we did it. We finally managed to get some things in the new place. It is no longer a home with no place to sit.

Remember this?

Well, it has found a new home right here. Whadya think?

But what! That's not all... We also picked out a couple of nice little tub chairs for the upstairs loft for the time being. I don't think they will have a permanent home there, but who knows? We wanted something fast because most likely, we'll be getting something special order for that spot and we really needed something to sit upon. They are covered in a palomino colored microfiber. There is a link but the color we chose isn't shown...

And finally, we selected a bedroom. Ordered it. It will arrive in several weeks. Not sure how many. By that point in time my eyes and ears were pretty glazed over and I can't remember what they said about the timing. Anyway, it will be awesome. Nice pieces. We still have several things to pick out but we can relax and take our time now because we have places to sit at least. Bar/counter stools would be cool to find but the places we have looked so far only have regular height stools and our counter is particularly high (regular bar height...) so they are a harder to find.

Looks like we probably won't have internet there before the blogathon, but hey, we have our t-shirts! And we have coffee! And we'll have our official blogathon mugs! Because we are all about the swag. heh. So sponsor us, please??? Because it goes to a great cause. I know you know someone who has gone through the cancer thing. Or is going through it. Or maybe YOU have gone through it. If one of those isn't enticement enough to get you to donate? Go read about our buddy from the Relay, little Brain Tumor Warrior, Connor... First of all, he is the most beautiful little boy ever, he has an amazing attitude, and he is fighting his cells to pieces. He's smoochable too. Look at those cheeks.

Okay. That's enough for today. I'm going to try and pick out an internet package from a web provider in the few minutes I have left before the coffee shop closes.

Thank you for welcoming Keith to the blog family. See you all again soon.


Michael Manning said...

Keri: You have redefined "multi-tasking"! :)

Keri said...

Michael! Long time, no see my friend. Too long. Glad you are here. Hope to see you this morning in the heat of blogathon. :)