Thanks and An inspiration... (AN EXTRA)

First of all, I totally wasn't watching my in-basket and waaaaaay back at 10:30 I was notified that my bud CursingMama (another witty little writer, BTW) became our latest sponsor! And because of the size of her sponsorship, she gets to select a topic for us to write about... so CM? you can email that to us for the 5 am hour... that one's all yours. heh. Kidding. Whenever you happen to get the email about this you can get back to us with your topic of choice. Thanks. Oh and uh, keep it clean. I know how you are. ROFL... *snort* My goodness, thanks also for the plug on your blog. You rawk. Smooch.


This is one of my very favorite Cancer Warriors and she is not only an inspirational fighter, but she is funny too! (Speaking of someone who can give you a much-needed laugh when you are looking for one). But don't go to her always expecting one. Because she will also tell you the hard truths about the state of the medical system in this country for the uninsured and under-insured.

I would certainly not be saddened if you decided to stick around her place and read the rest of the night or even gave any money you were earmarking for my charity to her. I know she would appreciate it. I might miss you, but I wouldn't be saddened. Because I love her.

Current earworm - EVERYBODY SING! "In Heaven there is no beer (No beer?)
That's why we drink it here
And when we're all gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all the beer."

Edited to add: He's NEVER heard of the song??? Can't have that. Now in my iTunes I'm driving him crazy by looping it over and over so he can share in the fun. Oh Frankie Yankovic, where have you been for the past twenty years since the last polka I did with my daddy?


HalfBrainBoy said...

I'm sorry to say. I have to admit. I've never heard this song. BUUUUT, another great classic earworm beer song is...hundred bottles of beer on the, hundred bottles of beer, take one down...Let's all sing it now!

Heather Z said...

Hey Keri I totally forgot about the blogathon was too excited about the new addition to our family-my cousin had a baby! Much luck to you as it is getting close to the end now right??

Keri said...

Hello dear! Yes, we're approaching 0 hour - 8 am my time and it is nearly 3... Thanks for stopping in! I would have forgotten, too. Not to worry. Congratulations on the new family addition!

Smooches and thank you for always being so supportive to our efforts! And for being one of our very first Sponsors! :)