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Sitting at The Mighty Dunn having a cuppa before heading up to the new place with a few things. Had thought about taking my first shower there but I realize as I write this that I'm lacking some items to accomplish that task... towel, shampoo, soap, clean undergarments...

Considering I'm only half a mile from the old domicile it wouldn't be too tough to go get said items. And half a mile from the new domicile it wouldn't be a stretch to take care of the run back and forth to be all set... I may just do it.

I went up there with a few cleaning products from the red bullseye store last night to do a dusting of the floor, a wiping down of toilets, sinks and other things that would give me a higher comfort level (germaphobe) than not doing it would have and because of the total lack of shades on the windows I did the work on the main level by the light of the ice maker on the refrigerator. (It's tough to be such an introvert at times.)

Upstairs I could work in the privacy of the windowless bathrooms, but creeping around up there after the lights were out became a little dangerous when I got near the staircase and I learned quickly to turn the lights on if I didn't want to fall down the stairs. We have those lovely unmarked walls. Don't want to be marking them up before the furniture delivery guys get a chance to do that!

Am delighted by the solar tubes in the ceilings of the bathrooms upstairs. They add so much natural light that the actual lights themselves are not needed even on an overcast day. Total difference from the closets that existed before we put those holes to the sky. Unbelievable, really.

Go have a peek. Tell me your favorite accent colors. I am taking an informal poll. I'm not making promises that I'll be using the results of the poll for anything, but I want to know what's hot in the blogosphere these days.

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Bluegrass Mama said...

Loverly! Is this new construction? I'd be on those furniture guys to make sure they DON'T mark up the walls!

Cursing Mama said...


Keri said...

You see... I had orange all picked out. Keli picked it. It was an incredible shade. Quite beautiful. I'm very drawn to it every time I'm out shopping. But then where exactly to put it becomes the question. Not every wall of course. So just which? And where does one stop? I am so lame at all of this...


Thank you, BGM. Yes, it is new construction. It was a spec home so there was very little changing/picking out for us to do.