OMG! The numbers and the times it is all so confusing!

Okay. So this one is going up at 1:30 or as close to it as I can manage. For Jeff and Megan. Since you asked. :-/ (someone is actually reading! and closely!)

"And I'm glad there isn't a spider on my knee again and that story will have to come later but don't let me forget"

So, about this spider, care to enlighten us?
Jeff & Megan :)

So we're at Dunn this morning and a pesky fly had gotten in through the drive-through window as they sometimes will do. And it was buzzing poor Natalie while she was trying to work. Then it was buzzing over by us as we were blogging. And at one point it was just pestering me like nobody's business. I was sitting at one of the single tables and Keith was sitting at another single table beside me along the bench wall so we would have enough space to plug each of our laptops in and be able to work.

I had seriously HAD it with this bug. SERIOUSLY. Finally I reached down and tried to smack that sucker against my knee and actually hit it. But I didn't hit a pretty solid little lump the way flies are? This was a really wet squash. I mean really wet. It was gross. And I freaked. Because when I looked at my hand? Big. Brown. Mass of Goo. Whatever that thing was that was tickling my knee for the previous five minutes that I thought was a fly and kept shoeing away? Was quite large.

And Keith says I had a look in my eyes like this:

But really? I think he is being far too generous. I think there should be a heckuva lot more terror in the face. Chin on the ground... and a lotta disgust there, too. Green skin of nausea coming over him (which is admittedly pretty difficult to imitate, but Jim Carrey could probably do it). Because yeah, I do NOT touch the spiders. If I'd known it was an eight-leg? I'm pretty sure I'd been on the other side of the coffee shop faster than I could have said "Get that straight outta the hellfires eight legged hairy creature insect off my leg!!!"

So there you have it! The spider on my knee story from this morning.


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Keri said...

Laughing at the story or laughing at the picture??? Come on... which one?

jeffreysimms said...

that is seriously an awesome story! it totally made me laugh out loud, at 8:15 am!

you guys totally rock for doing 24 hours of blogging, especially posting twice an hour.

good work! be encouraged! now get some sleep!