A good team

Was going to write a post tonight.

It's 1:45 am.

Not going to be writing anything now. Have been busy doing other things. Like creating this for tomorrow's mail:

Postcard Side one

I still need to create a mailing list. Someday I will create one master list and have it all organized. After I've moved in to the new place and become some organization guru or something.

As for now? I'll probably not be very organized. For a while. But hopefully I'll still manage to bring a bit of change in for the ACS. Along with my partner, HalfBrainBoy. Because we do make a pretty good team.

A good team


Cursing Mama said...

Sign into your gmail account
click documents up at the top
make a new spreadsheet & ta da you have an online place to access your master mailing list no matter where you're at or where your computer is at. Thats what I'd do......

(I am soo good at giving my opinion - no?)

Cursing Mama said...

forgot to say how much I like the posty card!

Z said...

Hi Keri!!! Told you I'd be back :) Just like Arnold :D

Shellynoir said...

(not that there's anything wrong with that)