Blogathon 9:30 am - Post #4

Blogathon 2007!
9:30 am
Post #4
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

So I’m three posts into it and have only had one cuppa macchiato. No wonder I’m so sleepy. Time for a refill and to down my juice. HalfBrainBoy has arrived. He has to work today, too. So I’m going to handle much of the day’s writing and let him do some of his real job.

We’re sitting here at the coffee shop in our blogathon shirts with our blogathon mugs listening to the crazy muzak (is this Enya?) and I’m seriously ready to pull out my non-existent headphones and listen to something a little more peppy.

I’m a little surprised Keith doesn’t have his headphones on because the constant barrage of noise in here really had him on edge by the time we left after several hours of work yesterday.

As one of the regulars I see many of the same people hanging out here daily. One of them just pulled in on his motorcycle. He’ll come in and get something to drink and head back out for his relaxing time at a table on the patio where he can have a smoke with his coffee. He wears a little skullcap and goggles rather than a regular helmet over his longish grey hair. He’s a Harley boy through and through.

Time for a break for coffee... and then I guess Keith will take over for a post or two or ten. ;-)


Trudi said...

Wake up blogheads!

You're being monitored from Nova Scotia. I too, need to work. It's 93F with the humidity here right now and its not even noon. OY. We're in for a day. I may have to ditch your blog for the beach later.

Blog topic: your most embarrassing moment.

Keri said...

Most embarrassing moment, eh? Huh. Giving some thought to that one. I keep going back to a time when I was a kid and that can't be it. Will have to come up with a better one...

Jen said...

I'm here! I'm here!

How often do you have to post, guys?

It seems to be every half hour.

Okay, I'll see if I can put together some questions or you-- sorry not to have done this ahead of time.