Blogathon 8:30 pm - Post #26 - A Meme

Blogathon 2007!
8:30 pm
Post #26
Location: Daily Grind Hudson
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Unfinished Sentences

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss... was sweet and light.
2. I am listening... to HBB doing normal daily stuff in a coffee shop full of other noises and some music - Shadowlands by Ryan Adams I guess.
3. I talk... like I write like I think like I hear myself ramble…
4. I love... peppermint bon-bon ice cream.
5. My best friends... are introverts, too.
6. My car... is too big.
7. My love life... is nobody else’s business.
8. I hate it... when people ask “Can I ask you a question?”
9. I want to be done... with female stuff that comes up at this time of life.
10. Marriage is best... when it is with your best friend.
11. Somewhere, someone is thinking... “What is she TALKING about?” and I’m laughing because I’m thinking, “Marriage is best when it is with your best friend, but make sure your best friend is your spouse and that you are married to them and that your best friend isn’t your friend’s spouse. Or something like that.” Because I’m getting really tired and it sounds hysterically funny to me all of a sudden! Seriously? This practically has me falling on the floor! And I'm glad there isn't a spider on my knee again and that story will have to come later but don't let me forget.
12. I'm always saying... you know that guy in that one movie... and my family usually tolerates the fact that I can’t come up with either the movie or the guy because the story does get told. Eventually.
13. I have a secret crush on... the Philips personal body groomer guy. ;) watch the ad. Have some laughs. Use your mouse. Click on things. Click on everything. It’s a hoot.
14. I am not... fond of talking on the phone. At all. Even a little bit. Well, there are times I do not mind it. Mystical and I spoke on the phone the other night for 30 minutes with each other. And we didn’t even have plans we really needed to make. For the most part we were just chatting. It was pretty amazing. But usually? Don’t call me. Send me an email. I hate phones. Almost as much as I hate the television. Yo.
15. My cell phone... apparently looks like an alien pod of some sort.
16. When I wake up in the morning... I smile and am surprised if I can remember anything that I have dreamed about because dreams do not come easy for me. I am not a dreamer or not a dream recaller.
17. Before I go to bed I... use peppermint oil and recall gratitudes and think of wishes.
18. Right now I am thinking about... going pee. Well it asked. I’m all about honesty around here.
19. Babies are... frightening.
20. I get on MySpace... never. I’m a facebook girl. And completely addicted actually.
21. Today I... am blogathoning.
22. Tonight I will... blogathon.
23. Tomorrow I will... sleep. A lot.
24. I really want to... go pee.
Skipping 25 and just saying if anyone sees this and wants to do the meme at some point because I totally scammed this from Elle (didn't I? It was weeks ago) and this is what she put here. But first I’m passing it along to HBB and making him do it and I plan to watch him from across the room because it being his first meme I envision him pulling his hair out as he tries to answer them all “correctly.” :) It’s gonna be fun. I might even take photos. Heh.

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Mystical M said...

Poor HBB! No time to think, no time to let The Editor try to block. DO take pictures.