Blogathon 8:00 am - Post # 49

Blogathon 2007! 8 am Post #49 Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad) Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick) LMAO at Keith’s last post. THIS is how rocking I look and ready to start my day... I’m getting so cranky that he doesn’t dare come over here and sit by me right now because I might bite him. I am not feeling particularly jovial at the moment. And him? He is putting away the bags of chips and feeling all “I’m gonna clean up the bachelor pad so that when we DO wake up later it isn’t all messy and because I don’t think I wanna sit over there by her right now...” The big poop.
I’m crabby. I’m tired and I can barely hold my eyes open wide enough to see anything. All I want to do is go to sleep. And the nervy little brat is laughing at me. I can tell. I just heard a little huh under his breath and when I looked out in the kitchen (where he is rinsing out the coffee pot) he had a grin on his face from looking out here at my sleepy face. Turd.
I want sleep. I’m ready. And I’m ready now. And it isn’t fair that he is all chipper and moving around like he hadn’t got a care in the world and like he had plenty of sleep last night. He didn’t get any sleep last night. And now he is advising me that this is the last post so it had better be a good one. And he’s right.

It should be a good one. I shouldn’t be sitting here complaining about how tired I am. I should be telling you in this one last opportunity I have that Relay Rocks. Because it provides money to some really great services to people. Services like Hope Lodge, which is temporary housing for families who are required to spend time away from their homes when they are going through treatment. Please check it out...
And services like the Cancer Survivors Network, a community of people who can come together online and really communicate, something that was lacking when Keith went through his surgery. They needed a hub, they found each other, but the central core was missing... ACS helps provide that core now. Services like the Reach to Recovery, a program made up of breast cancer survivors who will help new breast cancer diagnosed people learn about their diagnoses... all aspects of it. These are the things we are working for as close to full time as we can.

So please, if you are still on the fence, come on by and give us a donation or sponsor us today, donate tomorrow. ACS can always use another five bucks.

Thank you. For reading, for commenting, for being here. You all rock. And we give you smooches.

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HalfBrainBoy said...

Be practicing up for a big high five. I'm going to come over there now and we're going to do a big high five. So, this is your warning. Right here.
Way to go!!!!!