Blogathon 7:30am #48

Blogathon 2007!
7:30 am
Post #48
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keith (a.k.a HalfBrainBoy)
Blogathon 2007!

Here it is. The last hour we’ll see during this blogathon. Wait!!! I want to do this again today! The sun is up now! Things outside are starting to perk up out there. Things are starting to perk up in here. (Okay, that part is just wishful thinking.) I can see how Keri has decided every year that the past year was the last year. This is pretty grueling. But, every year we find more and more that motivates us: Progress in the battle against cancer, or, more people we get to know who are living lives dramatically altered by this disease. So, I have a feeling that we will do this again next year, if we can.

I wish we had had time to dig into all the topics proposed. But, some of these topics would have taken more than 24 hours to unearth. It would be interesting to tackle all the rest of the topics someday. That will have to be with a much more rested brains than we now have. Or, at least on a more rested brain than I have now. Keri, on the other hand is rock out to her music and looks like she is ready to head out the door and start her day. I don’t get it. *I’M* usually the early morning person. This all-night blogging must agree with her. It has been really, really great doing this. I’m really happy Keri invited me to do this with her.

Thank you everyone who sponsored, or anyone who encouraged, or just anyone who cared enough to read this.


Trudles said...

I'm giving up my computer to the wee one so he can check his Webkinz (you need a young child to understand that sentence, I think).

Let me just say, I'm so proud of you. In 32 minutes, you can go enjoy a well-earned snooze. Dream of happy, healing, blissful things.

Way to go!!!

Mys M said...

Just read your [final for Keith?] post, and want to tell you both


But you did a great job. Rock on!