Blogathon 6 am - Post #45

Blogathon 2007!
6 am
Post #45
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

Isn't she beautiful? I am grateful for her every day. And feel so very lucky that I didn't have to go through any serious illness with her. She had a bad ear infection once. woohoo. Little Connor - did you read his story? A tumor in his brain the size of an adult fist. That's half the size of his brain at least.

And in other news, how about another inspiration in the closing hours? Sandee has been battling for a very long time.

We only have a couple of hours left of the great and powerful blogathon. So go visit another fabulous fighter of the cancer beast won't you?

There is still time to be a sponsor. Come on. You know you want to. Blogathon... Blogging all night to make a difference...

For some reason (HBB) I’m finding it much easier to stay awake this year than I did last year (and I’m not half crying while I’m putting in these last few hours and keeping myself in a sitting position, either! Go me!) so I guess I really owe Keith some thanks.

Thanks Keith!

His bachelor pad is pretty comfortable, too. Last year I was sitting in a regular old office chair that wasn’t terribly comfortable while trying to type at my desktop computer and this year I get to sit in the marshmallow sofa with my macbook in my lap. We just moved the coffee table so that I could recline my side and with many warnings from HBB that I was going to fall asleep I now have to prove that no way will I fall asleep (gawd I want to fall asleep).

And I’m surrounded by yummies. Coffee and dark chocolate covered espresso beans and chips and my lovely pillow and sigh

Now we have Ben Folds playing.

And nobody else in the world is awake. Other blogathoners are doing their thing, of course, but I feel so out of touch with them. I’m not sure how they even got in contact and keep in contact with each other and know about each other. It is very odd this year. I knew about more of them last year. I don’t know if the listing was set up in a different format or what but I saw more information more easily I think last year.

Eyeballs are tired. I think I should have taken out my contacts a few hours ago.

I said when I got started at 8 yesterday that I was not going to do this next year. I’ll have to take a look at the date. If it takes place on a weekend that things are happening again I will have to really consider things. Because the running around and trying to do a lot is really hard.

We have the tradition with Wes and Michele. Wouldn’t give that up. But other stuff? Yeah. Too much today.

Might have to try to reinstitute the farkel, though. Missed that farkel game with you, W&M. Even if I did have to let Wesley win in order to get you to play. And as I look out the windows I see that it is daylight out there now. It doesn’t look like the middle of the night anymore. We’re almost there...


Trudi said...

GOOD MORNING SLEEPY BLOGHEADS! You're doing awesome and you're in the home stretch. Don't you hate perky people who comment after 7 full hours of blissful sleep in a cozy bed?? Evil. Pure evil.

I'm so proud of you both. Keep going!

Email your phone number if you need me to keep you awake for a while ;)

HalfBrainBoy said...

What a great photo of Keli. What a cutie. And, the facial expressions she can make are so cool.

Sandee said...

On behalf of myself and others battling this Dragon... thank you from the bottom of our hearts!