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Blogathon 2007!
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Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keith (a.k.a HalfBrainBoy)
Blogathon 2007!
Topic: Concerts I’ve attended.
There was this year that Keri and Keli and I were Tom Petty groupies. He always seems to put on a good concert. First, Keri and I saw him in the Target Center in Minneapolis. That experience pretty much convinced us that we wouldn’t go there for any more music events. The sound wasn’t good. And, the crowd in the nose-bleed section seemed more intent on hiding their smoke than watching the concert. But, hey, it was still PETTY.
Later that year, we ended up in Denver at the same time as Tom Petty. It took a bit of work to “coincidentally” be there at the same time. But, it worked out.
We love the Redrocks outdoor concert ampitheter. Talk about awesome. I grew up in that area. So, this wasn’t my first concern there. But, it was the first time Keri, Keli and I attended a concert there together. We got there at the usual early AM to get in line for the general admission seating. We sat all day on the steps of the entrance to Redrocks. It was a party atmosphere there. But, everyone around us was decent. It was kind of nice to build this camaraderie with other concert-goers before the concert started. Due to our early arrive at the gates, we ended up with really prime seats. We watched the concert with the Denver lights in the distance behind the stage. It is just amazing. Keri, Keli and I all had a good time. Even the daily mid-afternoon rain was a positive rather than a negative. It did cool things off.

It was much more fun than the other times I had been at Redrock concerts: Aldo Nova and Asia. Now THERE were some concerts Where are they now?

By the way, I have immense respect for those bloggers out there doing this blogathon on their own. Keri has stopped my drift into sleep several times. I can’t imagine fighting this sleep on my own. To think that Keri got through this blogathon all on her own last year!

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