Blogathon 4:30am #42

Here is a topic request:
What is your favorite ice cream and where I can get it.
Now, for a little fancy footwork, I can manipulate this topic into something my tired mind can think about.
Ice cream is good. It’s sweet. People like it. There are other things that are sweet. And, there are other things people like. One of these things is fudge. If there is any question on whether the topic of fudge and ice cream are related, just look at how many stores sell both.
So, the question could actually be read as “What is your favorite fudge, and where you can get it?” Ahhh. Good question, there. My favorite fudge. Ohhhh. There is this candy place in San Francisco. I won’t attempt the name because I’ll likely mess it up. But, it always has a line out the door. This place makes flavors of fudge you’d never imagine in your wildest dreams. And, all of it is amazing. I’ve tried maybe 3 dozen of their flavors. Each flavor becomes my new favorite. We are talking serious fudge addiction here. They have a fudge that is called something like…. South Beach. I think. Something like that. It’s white and it has some swirls and it has a crust kind of like graham crackers. It is amazing. I’ve never found anything like it. So, whenever I find myself in San Fran, I have to find an excuse to walk up the neighborhood around this little fudge shop. It’s worth the wait in line.
After stopping there, I always go to the restaurant nearby that is famous for all of their garlic-related food. They even sell garlic-related dessert. I hear their garlic ice cream is out of this world.
Isn’t it interesting? No matter how far we stray from the topic, it always ends up back around to ice cream. Ever notice that?


Keri said...

I still think you're lying about the garlic ice cream.

AND I think that everybody else is sleeping. :( But hey, WE'RE still going. And you are making more coffee! woohoo! We'll make it 3 1/2 more hours no problem!

HalfBrainBoy said...

Uh, hate to argue and all. Especially when I'm RIGHT. :) But, take a look at this:
Wow, what's THAT I see?! Down in the lower corner?! Looks like ice cream! :-0

Keri said...

Um sir? There are noses hanging on the wall there.

*snort* I highly recommend a place like that. Laughter abounds!