Blogathon 3:00 - Post #39

Listening to Vampires in Blue Dresses by Margot & the Nuclear So & So's (thanks for the suggestion, Wes - a favorite song right now).

So we were chatting about movies this evening with our friends. Shawshank Redemption came up. One of my personal favorites, though I often forget about it when listing favorite movies. Keith has never seen it, so we'll have to get hold of it sometime soon. And he mentioned never having seen The Godfather. I haven't seen it for years.

I was going to mention a funny movie that made us laugh so hard a couple of weeks ago. And we've seen it three times now. Mystery Science Theater 3000 - The Creeping Terror. If you can get a copy of it sometime, do it. If you are acquainted to me IRL? Borrow it. Better yet, come on over and watch it with us so we can laugh along with you. Because watching it with Keith and hearing him laugh at it is worth the price of admission. ;-) And you might be able to convince him to make malts for the event, too. Which is always a good deal. What's better than really bad sci-fi with friends done in a way that is meant to be funny?

I never did get that stretch. And my coffee is getting cold. And Keith just had a bowl of cereal and the idea of something crunchy that isn't going to leave little bits of coffee bean in my teeth (and isn't sweet) sounds pretty good right now.


Get over yourself and get over the small stuff.


Padme said...

i've never seen shawshank. Wanted to, just never got around to it.

Keep going...we're almost there!

HalfBrainBoy said...

Ohhh. Keri, I just re-read your post. Was this a subtle hint? Do you want some cereal??? Sorry, kinda slow at 3:28am. :)

HalfBrainBoy said...

Oh, and laughter=health. No doubt there. I can get out my well-worn soapbox now and get up on it and klllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll LOL LOL LOL. See all those lll's. THAT WAS ME, suddenly asleep at the keyboard, fingers falling on the keys. (It doesn't count if I was only asleep for 10 seconds, does it???)