Blogathon 2:30am #38

Trudi, here, FINALLY, is the answer to your 3rd topic – from your comments a looooong time ago this morning. The 3rd topic? Love or hate beer, and why.
Ahhh. Beer. Love it. I pretty much can say I’ve never met a beer I didn’t like.
But, as with many things in my life, I’ve become a beer snob. I’ll admit it. I’m one of those who orders the beers with the names you can’t pronounce without spitting. These are the beers you definitely CANNOT pronounce after just one or two of said beers. These are the beers you find in places that boast they have “over 367 types of beer on tap!” ( I exaggerate, or course. Most of these places have no more than a mere 250 types of beer on tap.)
But, lately, I have no beer. Need an explanation? See all the posts about the fight to stay awake? Beer is not a useful tool in the battle to stay awake.
Now….. let’s talk about something really cool…..COFFEE, love it or “adore it with all your heart”. Want to venture a guess on my answer?

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Trudi said...

You people need to make tracks to Nova Scotia for a visit. We too, are beer snobs! We like to try out little microbrews. We have standard mass produced Canadian beer that we like (not one of the big 2: Molson or Labbatt's). But we like to hunt out specialty brews or go somewhere that pours belgians (I love Hoegaarten).

And? Coffee conneisseurs (sp?). There is a local fair trade coffee roaster that we are loyal to.