blogathon 2007 3:30 pm - post #16

Meep! Late again, but not completely missing. And only 6 minutes late this time. Because I was trying to post from crackberry. Won't do that again. Got all of the way to blogger before it had problems.

My answer to Trudi's question... Do I like beer? Yes. Does it like me? Not particularly. I usually end up with a migraine the next day if I have more than one. So I have a couple, drink lots of water to counteract it and have a couple of advil before bed. SMOOCHES! Posting before I get any later.


Trudi said...

I'm commenting just to make sure you know someone's paying attention :)

Don't expect this at 4 AM though.

HalfBrainBoy said...

Hi Trudi. Thanks for hanging in there with us! Sounds like we are moving to a new location soon.