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Blogathon 2007!
1 am
Post #35
Location: Chanhassen, MN (a.k.a: The bachelor pad)
Author: Keri (aka: KinnicChick)

First just a little reminder of what this is all about... We’re blogging for 24 hours straight (along with everyone else who is currently doing the Blogathon for Charity). We have to post every 30 minutes during this 24 hours.

The charity that we have selected is the American Cancer Society, and specifically the Relay For Life of Hudson. We hope to collect as many sponsors for this charity as possible to contribute to ACS for our efforts.

We are over halfway through the day. But me? I am tired. Very tired. I’d love to see some more sponsorships come in. But it’s past midnight. I’m afraid we have seen all that we are going to see. This makes me sad. :( Interest is really down this year. *sigh* But, I have been a bad blogger this year. I chalk it up to that.

I’m still having fun sitting here beside my sweetie, though. Tapping away at the keys. I feel very fortunate. For many reasons... Let me tell you about that.

We are doing this blogathon craziness for ACS because giving back to an organization that works for the benefit of cancer research and to help those who are struggling with the illness and recovering from the treatment of it is important to us. In 2001 Keith was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had a very risky surgery to remove it.

I feel fortunate to be sitting here now with a fully recovered and happy husband who can function fully in the workplace, who cannot drive a car, but who doesn’t mind living close enough to where he works during the week that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t drive. I feel fortunate that he recognized us when he came out of surgery and that he had full use of his arms and legs. I feel fortunate that he lived. There were many risks. And we have gone through a lot.

He still goes through a lot. He deals with epilepsy on a daily basis as a result of the tumor. He has meds that he has to take and a regimen to stick to so that he can stay healthy.

But I think mental health and attitude is the number one most important thing that any of us have gotten out of it. And we have only just learned that recently. And are still learning it every day. Positive attitudes and laughter are necessary. Humor is a must in every day living.

Not sweating the small stuff. And oh my goodness there is so much more small stuff than ever before. Do you KNOW how much small stuff there is? You know that car that is going too slow in front of you on the freeway that you can’t get around and that is just pissing you off to the nth degree and is raising your blood pressure off the charts? That is so small you cannot fathom how small it is. Fuggedaboudit. (Remind me of this the next time I start whining about that slow car in front of me family...)

We almost lost everything. And my eyes are starting to swim and I need to take out my contacts. And stretch my body. I wish I did yoga. Keith is making coffee. Bless you Keith. I need a potty break. And I need to walk around the apartment. And just stretch.

He’s up next. Yup. Life is good. And laughter.

Songs stuck in my head this hour - Moody Blues’ Tuesday Afternoon and Billy Joel’s Don’t Ask Me Why

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Padme said...

7 hours to go. Stay awake! You've gotten this far, let's finish it out!