Blogathon 12:30 - Post #10

Blogathon 2007!
12:30 pm
Post #10
Location: Dunn Bros Hudson (aka The Mighty Dunn)
Author: Keith (aka: HalfBrainBoy)

Oh no! Keri has left me at the helm of the blog while she runs back to the townhouse. It’s 10 minutes before the next post is due and I haven’t even started to write it. So, here’s my last -second post. Hmmm. I could talk about the weather. Hot, but beautiful. Love the big white clouds. I could talk about politics. Nope. Not going there. Dunn has become much quieter. I’m surprised how tired I am already. It must be just the idea of staying awake all night, or something. So, time to psyche myself up. Rah. Tell you what, I’ll post this much and, maybe, add more half way through the half hour. Okay, maybe that’s kinda cheating. But, this is still technically a post, right? Any new topics, anyone? Writer's block this early???


kim said...

Just got back from work...glad to see you have jumped right in there Keith!
No, i don't think you have writer's block yet, maybe performance anxiety?
(just kidding)!

And i don't think it was cheating...you DID NOT cut and paste "i don't know what to write" so i think you're good with this one.

HalfBrainBoy said...

Kim, LOL! That's what I had originally! This post is the really long version of "I don't know what to say. I don't know what to say...."

Trudi said...

I'm here for ya, man.

Some blog subjects:
1. best vacation you've ever had

2. your bio - for all that Keri likes to talk, I really don't know much about you. Or at least, I only know her biased P.O.V. Let's have your side to compare!

3. Love or hate beer? tell us why.

Keri said...

:) great topics, Trudi. He will answer these while we drive to RF. Then he can type them up in his crackberry (I hate that thing) and we can post one from there. THANKS!